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Headquartered in Beijing, Bat Group, Inc. (the “Company”) is a holding company that was incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware on December 19, 2011.

The Company, through Tianxing Kunlun Technology Co. Ltd, of which is controlled by the Company via contractual arrangements, currently offers our customers the opportunity to rent luxurious pre-owned automobiles from its store in Beijing under the brand name “BatCar”.

We rent our luxurious cars to our customers from our store in Beijing. We market our cars to targeted potential customers via phone calls or messages. The rental price varies based on the rental term which ranges from one day to one months.  

In addition to direct renting to customers, we intend to rent to other auto rental companies as a wholesale model. We and our peer companies plan to form vehicle pool consisting of all available pre-owned vehicles.  

Currently we market our services by our own sales personnel and online promotion. We have launched WeChat public account and Weibo to promote our services. We started to introduce our services via major search engines, such as zhida and baidu. We also started to advertise on major search engines to acquire users. We actively engaged social media such as, Tik Tok, Weibo, WeChat, and We plan to launch wider and deeper social media marketing in the near future. We also plan to advertise via offline channels. 

In the future, we intend to acquire customers by working with more sizeable and established auto businesses. We have arrangements with Beijing Cuco Technology Co. LTD (“Cuco”) , a general car-rental platform and Beijing EasyCar Life Automobile Service Chain Co. LTD (“EasyCar Life”), a car service chain store in Beijing where Cuco and EasyCar Life may refer customers in exchange for a commission.

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